To Ruben, the philosophy of yoga is not about chanting om in a room full of strangers, but about truly understanding the concept of om. It’s about going beyond the sound, and seeking the true enlightenment that the vibration brings.

His philosophy of yoga is not about ending a class by bowing and saying, “Namasté”, but about truly understanding the tradition and meaning of namaste –acknowledging the divinity within us all.

ruben rodriguez yoga

Ruben Rodriguez

“I believe that yoga is a deeply personal practice, and to me, my practice is a much deeper experience than just the physical aspects. In my practice, I enjoy going beyond the physical, and allowing my consciousness to flow freely, acknowledging the source beyond the self. In this respect, yoga is about developing control, understanding, and patience – then taking what I’ve learned on my mat, and applying it to my daily life.”

Three Core Aspects of Yoga Practice

  • Physical (Strength, Balance, & Flexibility)
  • Mental (Self-Awareness, Focus, & Discipline)
  • Spiritual (Non-Judgment, Non-Violence, Peace)

The passion with which Ruben practices is derived from the development of these core aspects.